Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What's Amata?

Photogenic bovines:

The grainy pictures below have just arrived from Burundi. They are proof of an exciting new dimension in the bid for sustainability in the Hope Centre project. Prior to our visit at the end of March 2008 Mission International was able to raise in excess of £1000 to help feed and care for the children in this project, from a number of sources including the staff at Angus College where Hugh works. One idea was that we would use the funds to provide a small agricultural project. It was agreed that a cow project would firstly bring an immediate input to the children's health and well being as well as make the best use of the plot of land we have purchased. The locals felt that this land was more likely to produce good grass rather than vegetable crops and fruit trees and so we agreed to use the land for a cow project. The Kirundi word for milk is Amata and so we can be sure that now the kids will get some quality milk each day as part of their diet. We hope also to find the funds to install a fish farming project on this land which has an area of marsh, easily converted into fish ponds. This would provide another quality source of food as well as a potential income generator furthering the whole project's sustainability.

The two adult cows are indigenous breeds but the calf is half European and will be a valuable asset to this growing small herd.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The poorest country in the world:

Long years of war and civil unrest:
After 13 years of war Burundi is on its knees, the economy is in tatters and the population has become the poorest in the world. Help is needed and you may be in a position to offer that help. As you read this blog please consider supporting this project either by a one-off gift or by giving regularly to sponsor a child.

Orphaned children play unaware of the threat of their surroundings. Mission International is bringing support in the form of sponsorship to such children in the hope that they will become strong pillars of their community.

The Hope Centre - Burundi:

During 2006 I met a Burundian pastor called Leonard Tuyishimire and his wife Jolie, who over the period of the long war came into contact with many children whose parents had died as a direct result of the conflict or as a result of HIV/AIDS or other family tragedy. Pastor Leonard with his wife have taken these children into their care and have struggled to find food, clothing, medicine and an education for them. When Mission International began our first ambition was to find the resources to fund proper accommodation and make sure this family had a sustainable future. Today there has been considerable progress with the purchase of land, the acquisition of a substantial funding package and the recruitment of qualified personnel to get the building work underway. As a result however of Burundi's declining economy and of flooding, poor harvests and an ever increasing population this family found it almost impossible to survive. Nothing daunted pastor Leonard and his wife would beg around the neighbourhood to be able to find enough food to at least give the children a meal a day, but there were many days when they did not eat at all. This poor subsistence created health problems such that a number of the children grew very ill over that period.

The very basic necessities of life are often scarce to say the least. £20 a month can make sure a child like this is given a chance to have a secure future. To support the children in the Hope Centre Burundi via PayPal click here . Alternatively email mail@mission-international.org and we will send you a printable document file which you can complete and return to us.

Our daily bread?
During the course of 2006- 2008 Mission International has managed to find food for this family, now we are at the place where we can, with your help, provide a much more sustainable future.

The children get at least one square meal every day, sometimes if there is enough money they have two meals of rice, beans and on a really good day there is some meat on their plate as well.

Land is scarce:
Burundi is a small country and as a result is limited on land resources especially in urban areas where land for homes is at a premium. Pastor Leonard however was able to locate a piece of land where the Hope Centre will be built, this was purchased by funds supplied by 'Home On The Range Ministries' from the USA and now the process of putting suitable accommodation on the land begins. A further tract of land was acquired at the same time which will be used for a sustainable agricultural project, current plans are for some cows as well as a fish farm to be included on this land.

This piece of land has been acquired for the Hope Centre. We expect building to begin during the second half of 2008.

The Big Meal:

At Christmas time 2007 we were able, with the support of UK donors, to provide a wonderful Christmas meal for the Hope Centre children. They all had their fill of food, including meat, and soda, they had a lovely day together. It is our intention to make an effort for these children at Christmas 2008 providing a Big Meal on Christmas Day. You can help us in this endeavour by donation to The Hope centre Burundi. PayPal- Click Here to give via PayPal. Alternatively email us at mail@mission-international.org and we will send you a printable document file so that you can print our the paperwork, complete it and return it to us.

Here the Hope Centre kids have a Big Meal - Christmas Day 2007.

Pastor Leonard Tuyishimire and his wife Jolie look after the orphans in the Hope Centre as well as their own three children.